Zoom Versa, Power Ring, Stove-Bag combo


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Stove bag

Power Ring

Zoom Versa Rocket Stove


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Product Description

Get a Zoom Versa combined with a power ring and our new high quality stove bag.

The power ring gives additional fuel savings, forcing flue gases into contact with your pot. The power ring operates as a wind break too preventing heat loss from air movement – handy at our UK locations.

The stove bag is a perfect Zoom stove organiser. Keep your fire starting kit dry, in one place,  and ready to go at a moments notice. Combines high quality Oxford cloth exterior and wipe clean interior material with a dense, closed cell (water resistant) foam liner. Quality and durability to the standard you expect of an EcoZoom product with a long lifetime. Zoom Versa is grey, but also available in black..just ask for it.

These items would retail at £136.95 separately, or more on Amazon. With Ecozoom you get more bang for your buck!.



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