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EcoZoom Off Grid Combo Pack


Off-grid, power-cut or camping package. Stay safely cooking when you’re away from the grid. for leisure, recreation and emergency use.

Product Description

For when it’s not sunny you still need to cook and light to see what you’re doing. The EcoZoom Off Grid Combo uses EcoZooms rocket stove kit along with the solar multi-light and power bank. This is sold across Africa where grid connections are flakey whee they exist and households have to stand alone for much of the time. Robust and simple the 3 lights run for about 8 hours per lamp with a 2200mAh battery in each, 2 settings (bright/less bright) and enough lumens to see what you’re doing/read etc. The panel has integrated controller, so you don’t need to know much about solar engineering. Just make sure it stays in the sun. Power bank is fine for an emergency phone charge or just an extra summer charger.

The treed and tested Versa rockets stove allows effortless conversion from stickwood to charcoal or other biomass and will burn most anything dry that you pick up, pine cones/drift wood. Fuel is abundant and at you feet so give up buying gas bottles and feeding the fossil fuel industries when camping. Cones with its stove bag and of course the power ring, previously known as the pot skirt which straps to you pot, forces hot air against the pot and restricts wind loss, giving further  fuel savings to the already 50/60% savings from the Versa Rocket stove.

Solid kit, great for camping and the occasional power outage if you’re in a district where this sometimes happens

Ships as a single package approx 10kg

Additional Information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 50 x 36 x 36 cm