Solar Cooking for the UK

Using sunshine to cook is easy, when you know how. When sunlight hits a dark object it  generates heat and if the object is in a ‘greenhouse’ it will get hotter. Solar cookers harvest sunshine using dark surfaces, reflectors and greenhouse heat traps. Direct sun can easily cook, roast or even grill food. See: HOW SOLAR COOKERS WORK. There are several sorts of solar cooker.  See: TYPES OF SOLAR COOKER

P1100084 (919x1280)The materials and techniques of solar cooking are modern, it’s mostly unknown in the UK where technology has extended the possibilities. Solar energy is free and renewable, so why waste fossil fuels in your kitchen on a sunny day?

Its fun too – an educational tool for basic physics – eat as you learn!.

SLiCK’s mission is to promote zero emission solar cooking here in the UK, displacing smoky barbecues for example and producing hot food when fires aren’t allowed. But do we have enough sunlight?  See: HOURS OF SUNLIGHT IN THE UK 

Our research indicates that family scale solar cooking is viable in a UK climate. Each time you cook solar you save on costs and reduce demand for fossil fuels. By raising awareness here in Britain we hope to develop a knowledge base which could travel across the globe where 3 billion people use firewood and charcoal to cook, deforesting whole regions in the process.

Join us as we develop further cutting edge methods and technology for solar thermal cooking and food processing in the UK, we welcome all contributions wherever you are. Be an ‘early adopter’ of this technology using our products or any other solar cooking product to cook using the sun in your location, we would love to hear from you.

The SLiCK team

SLiCK promotes ‘Seriously Low impact CooKing’ in the UK

PS – There is a lot of information about solar cooking on the web.  Try our Resources page, and/or: ONLINE SOURCES OF INFORMATION ABOUT SOLAR AND INTEGRATED COOKING