SLiCK Core Principles

We believe that Solar Cooking is a potent tool to reduce global demand for cooking fuel, while addressing deforestation, family poverty and ill health.

We focus our activities on raising awareness and encouraging the use of solar cooking in the UK and similar developed environments. But the UK has limited sun and solar cooking will always be restricted by this.

Why not focus on poor places with abundant sunshine, where solar cooking could displace a lot of cooking fuel?

Numerous attempts have been made to introduce solar cooking technology to Third World Countries, with mixed success. To a person in the west who regards themselves as rational, the adoption of this technology should be a no brainer. It saves time/money/health for starters.

In reality the donation/subsidisation of cookers in the third world is seen as a latter day colonialism. You come over here from your country producing about 10 tons of CO2 per head, drive up in a £25K four wheeler and dump some fancy gadgets on us, that you don’t use yourself. And ask us to reduce our CO2 and environmental impact.

Long term if we can get people to adopt solar cookers over here (as a viable alternative to say, a barbecue) they can become aspirational everywhere else. Thats how it helps.

Of course we have to make people aware of them in this country first.

We aim to get to the point at which someone who happens across one of demonstration events says ‘ how well does it cook?’ instead of ‘what the heck is that?’.

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