Solar Vacuum Tube 60mm x 500mm


0.8L volume evacuated solar tube

Entry level solar cooking

Naked Tube, make your own reflectors and inserts.

Product Description

Naked solar vacuum tube with an internal diameter of 48mm and a volume of 0.8L. Great for experimenting and getting impressive  results. Comes as it is, you will have to make a loose stopper/plug and for best results it needs a reflector to maximise solar capture.

Solar cook on sunny days in winter in the UK. Any sunny day it can be used and during summer will pick up decent heat on overcast days too. This is an affordable step up from your first solar cooking experiments and will get very hot indeed. Observe all precautions against getting fingers burnt, pressurising or thermally shocking the borosilicate (Pyrex type) glass. Never put frozen stuff in if it’s going in the sun. Don’t drop or bash it , it will break, its glass.

Shipping to mainland UK included (using a lot of bubble wrap!)