SUNplicity Towanroath out to sea
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A. SUNplicity 2018 – Folding Parabolic Solar Cooker


The SUNplicity Liberty 400 Parabolic Solar Cooker combines many features to provide one of the most mature solar cooker designs available. With elegance and attention to detail the flatpack SUNplicity employs weather resistant materials to ensure a long design life. Most importantly the easily deployed deep parabolic focus gives excellent results and power. Weighing in at a featherweight 2.8kg you can now cook solar wherever you go.

Product Description

The SUNplicity 2018 Parabolic Solar Cooker combines numerous features to provide one of the finest solar cookers available. We find it very easy to support this model and present it for sale to the UK market.

Unique Folding System for quick deployment/pack down. takes less than a minute to set up. Tested to over 5000 unfolding/folding cycles.

High Reflective, High Quality, Flexible Petal’s. Protective nano hard coating to mirror polished aluminium, supplied by Germanys ‘Alanod’ – the world leader.

Deep Parabolic Focus for Safety and Power, attended or unattended (with care).

Lightweight for ease of transport and storage. 2.8Kg, 29cm x 54cm x 4cm

All Metal/Recyclable – steel/aluminium – no plastics used.

Locally Produced, 100% European sourcing.

Foolproof, Bullseye Focussing System. magnetic elevation control.

High Standard of Quality Control. Ensures a long life

Many pots/pans suitable. Darker and black pots absorb most light, with covered pots giving the best results. The SUNplicity 2018 can also be used with pyrex type glass heat traps for enhanced cooking power.

Our Sunplicity comes with a 8 inch black speckleware dish to get you started, as shown in picture.

This is how you set it up (featuring the inventor Alain Bivas of France)


Additional Information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 53 x 29 x 5 cm