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Product Description

The EcoZoom Jet  stove is a charcoal burning rocket stove developed for Urban use in developing countries. This type of cooking stove is called a “Jiko’ in East Africa – a simple ‘bucket’ of charcoal with a pan rest on top. The Zoom Jet Lite combines the rocket stove principles of preheated, dried air, highly insulated combustion chamber and limited fuel capacity to deliver cooking efficiency and fuel savings to the user.

The Zoom Jet took an Ashden Award for women empowerment back in 2014 where its simple and robust construction, along with its fuel savings were demonstrated to put money back into  the family budget.

Construction wise the Zoom Jet has been developed to be a both effective and long lasting. Anything flimsy won’t survive long in Africa. Three silicon rubber ‘feet’ keep the Jet off surfaces, reducing heat loss by conduction. The single door hinge (the only moving part) remains slightly loose when cold, for expansion when warm. This is the ‘damper’ door which allows air into the preheat chamber/air reservoir. The heat can be controlled by opening and closing the door

In operation the ceramic tile base warms and dries the air, giving perfect conditions for it to supply the burning charcoal. The cast iron hob is optimised to take a round bottomed wok or any flat pan. The thick cast iron itself sucks in heat from the fire, and reradiates this to your pan,  giving more efficiency and good residual cooking power even after the fire dies down.

Small amounts of charcoal are best, space for the smoke/gas to combust is required above the glowing coals. Overloading the bowl will actually choke the fire and prevent efficient use.

Here in the UK the Jet is a great cooker which doesn’t need much attention in use. Simply ensure that a few more coals are added from time to time to keep things going. Its good for slow cooking using heavy pans and is an ideal complement to a barbecue set up, needing far less attention (and fuel).


In the developing world most deforestation supplies urban areas with cooking charcoal.  Charcoal burn trees in rural areas, then ship the bags into town where space is more limited. The loss of energy from the wood during charcoal burning is a devastating factor of 9. The efficient Zoom Jet is reducing demand for charcoal at point of use. Its is widely used and distributed in East Africa where it meets a demand for a fuel saving cookstove. Cook African with your Zoom Jet.


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