EcoZoom Off Grid Combo


EcoZoom Versa Rocket Stove

Stove Bag

Power Ring

EcoZoom Mulitilight System

Light, Phone charge and Cooking Heat package

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Product Description

Get an EcoZoom Versa, Stove bag and Power ring for cooking PLUS an EcoZoom Multilight for light and small power.

Great value package allows you to boil water and cook in all conditions and gives back up light and small power for phones using the Multilight solar charger. Keep this system on hand for emergency type power outs, or for the summer house or camper van. Simple system for basic preparedness.

All systems designed, distributed and sold in East Africa rural areas and townships, and other developing lands, where off grid is reality and equipment needs to go the distance in harsh environments.

(The Dura package is available for £10 less, please get in touch to order this)

Shipping to Mainland UK, included  other areas possible.

In the event of multi-day loss of grid supplied power you’re first necessity will be to maintain charge for phones and other mobile communication devices. Adequate light will be necessary to avoid accidents during night time. Cooking power will be required for basic sustenance and for boiling water for washing, and of course to sterilise for drinking. This tried and tested EcoZoom equipment will function indefinitely under difficult conditions. Having these basics backed up will ensure good spirits in the unlikely event of a storm or other freak occurrence and allow a positive recovery.

also pretty handy for deliberate Off Grid such as camping , or at the allotment ! food and light.

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Dimensions 36 x 36 x 53 cm


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