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EcoZoom Solar Multilight


  • 6W Solar Panel
  • 3 x 2200mAh Solar Rechargeable Lamps
  • USB Charging Port
  • 2200mAh Power Bank
  • 6M Cable, 3 lamp jacks, detachable lamps
  • Full charge indicator lights

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Product Description

The Ecozoom Multilight comprises a 6V mono-crystalline, Photovoltaic (PV) solar panel, powering 3 x 75/150 Lumen (2 brightness settings) & detachable LED lamps and a USB charger with power bank. Designed for demanding African township and rural off grid conditions the Multilight components are built to last. Each lamp can operate for 8+ hours from a full solar charge, so total 24+ hours. In the UK people use the Multilghts for camping, summer houses or general access lighting. The PV panel can be secured in a sunny location and is water resistant, allowing remote positioning. Ecozoom’s solar Multilights are used throughout East Africa where they replace costly and dangerous paraffin as the main light source for the poor. Paraffin lamps  often cause shack fires due to the volatility of this fossil fuel. 

In Africa the additional light available from the EcoZoom Mulitlight allows children to study in seperate areas from the main family space. Lights are detachable for use as a strong lamp. Handy at night on a wild camp. 3 lamps give 8 hours of light each, per charge. You won’t have to worry about night light anymore. The Ecozoom Mulitilight is simple and no nonsense. All charge controllers are integrated, you don’t have to know much about solar engineering. The red light on each lamp turns green when fully charged. Ecozoom have deployed more than 30,000 mulitights within Kenya, where clients offset money saved from buying kerosene for light, against the purchase price of the Multilight. Go solar for light. Add the ecoxoom multi light to you camping or emergency prep. kit. In the event of a power cut, any kind of solar charger for phone and light will become essential.

Cost includes shipping to mainland UK, Highlands and Island please get in touch.

See our EcoZoom Off Grid Pack which combines a zoom Versa for cooking power with the Multilight charger for small power and light.

Additional Information

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 30 x 20 x 11 cm


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