Apple Day in Cornwall

P1100409 (1024x919)We had plenty of Bramley cooking apples on our tree this year, so when it looked as though we would get plenty of sun today I decided to put the two together.  Out came the CooKit and these three apples went in at around 1.00 p.m.  They were just washed and cored, and had a score mark around them to prevent splitting.  I usually stuff the centre with saltanas, but I knew they would cook more quickly if the hot air could reach the centre.  At this P1100408 (952x1024)time of year, I use a data logger to record the temperature so I know the food is safe.  After just three hours, during which the air temperature in the inner pot rose to 85C, these were smelling gorgeous, and fully baked.  Don’t underestimate the CooKit.  If you have continuous full sun, they work well even this late in the year, but do adjust the front reflector to accommodate the lower angle of the sun.  Remember, if you stand in front of the CooKit and cast a shadow with your head onto one of the panels, you P1100413 (1024x896)should be able to see the cooking pot reflected in that panel.  If you can’t see the pot, move the CooKit around until you can, and repeat this check for each of the panels, including that wide front panel.  For detailed advice about using the CooKit, see our CooKit instructions on the Resources page.

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