INDOOR solar cooking

Yes!  Solar Cooking indoors.  This morning in Cornwall, we had some sun … finally.  But also some 40 mph gusts of wind.  I didn’t fancy risking my SM70 outside, so I set it up indoors.  I moved the sofa, set up a folding table in front of a south facing window, and was ready to go.  No wind or rain to worry about.

Look, no wind

Look, no wind

Notice that the sun is so low at this latitude at this time of year that I had to prop up the back legs of the SM70 to aim it properly.

Just four small potatoes to bake for lunch.  They took about an hour and half to cook.  Remember that the flesh of a potato switches from being starchy to gelatinous (i.e. cooked) at around 60C, so you can work out the true cooking time from the graph below.  There was some wispy cloud obscuring the sun part of the time, and I assume cooking would have been quicker in full sun, and/or if I’d bothered to clean the double-glazed window.

So, it seems that all year round cooking is possible in the UK if you have a south facing window, a suitable cooker, and … oh, some sunshine.  Give it a try.Indoorspudz7Dec15

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