December saw a lot of thick cloud, so with the shortest day just passed it was great to catch some morning sunshine on 23rd December – five hours, according to the local weather station at London’s Heathrow Airport – A feast of sunshine perhaps?.  Is solar cooking even possible at this time of year? I loaded our SLiCK SM70 with seasonal snacks. imageBacon wrapped sausages (‘pigs in blankets’) are a full fat Christmas snack that fit easily into the cook-tray.

Starting at around 9:30am, under a low sun the sausages cooked up nicely. I let them crisp up, nearly burnt, the way I like them. It took just under 2:00 hrs to get them ready, left in the clear sun. No stirring, No hassle, No grease in the kitchen.


Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 19.16.15You can see from the graph on the left that the tube interior temperature stayed over 100C for some time and steam was seen venting – the smell of cooking bacon. With the main course finished it seemed a shame to waste that delicious sunshine – and leftover oil, so I set up some diced root vegetables for a secondary roast. The sun vanished around 1:00pm. I ate the the ‘pigs in blankets’ with fresh bread at midday, and the roast veg went down at tea-time with pickle. I was delighted to see (and taste!) what a SLiCK SM70 evacuated tube solar cooker can do on a UK mid-winters dayimage. If the sun’s shining, you’re cooking!

You can use all types of solar cookers during a UK summer season. Less powerful devices don’t work well during our winter due to heat loss, low sun angles and power. Standing in the cold attending a solar cooker is also an issue. Our SM70 was unattended during this session. I left it, went out swimming for an hour and came back starving – they didn’t last long!

Author Stewart MacLachlan, SLiCK


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