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C. Ecozoom – La Plancha



Perfect for off-grid living, cabins, or permanent outdoor kitchens, EcoZoom’s La Plancha sports two burners and large cast iron cooking surface to cook with multiple pans at once. An 8 foot directional flue gives an indoor EcoZoom cooking experience – all year round. Perfect where fuel is expensive or in short supply. Ideal if you love cooking on a wood fire, but don’t want the smoke.


Product Description

Product Description

We incorporated our core rocket stove technology into a new, double burner, chimney stove that we think will be great for off-grid cooking needs. Whether it’s on your back deck or installed in a cabin, this stove offers a unique solution to cooking efficiently without electricity or gas. EcoZoom’s La Plancha fuel efficient stove has two combustion chambers so you can cook over the full hotplate. Both chambers have a refractory metal lining that protects the ceramic insulation, increases the life of the stove, and improves combustion efficiency.  This stove features our hinged combustion chamber doors enabling for an effortless conversion from wood to charcoal fuels.  Both the main combustion chamber doors and the damper doors have reinforced metal frames and have hinges that serve to securely close the doors and regulate airflow. La Plancha’s large cast iron Plancha (hot plate) heats evenly and can be used to keep items warm after cooking. Cooler to the touch than traditional stoves, Zoom’s La Plancha  (the ‘table’) has a thick, durable construction to keep you and your cooking surfaces safe.

For best combustion with wood, use seasoned sticks about the thickness of your thumb. Don’t ‘stuff’ the La Plancha as this will block air flow. Let air circulate around each stick for efficient performance, about 4-6 sticks works well. A good stoker will keep one eye on feeding the fire while cooking, it happens naturally after a few cook outs. Needs to stand on an incombustible surface to avoid damage.

all La Planchas are Red with ‘La mera mera’ (grandmother in Spanish) embossed across the front as shown in the pics

Price does not include shipping. We will ship by pallet only due to the weight of the La Plancha. You can also pick up in person from London E8 3PA  Please contact us on to arrange for pallet shipping quotes to your address..


  • Stove: L 22in, W 18in, H 12in
  • Upper Door: W-4 1/2 in H-2 3/8 in
  • Lower Door: W-2 3/8 in. H-1 3/8 in


  • Shipping Weight: 45kg
  • 8 foot stainless steel chimney with end cap and protective fence
  • 22x18in cast iron hot plate
  • 2 removable tops on plancha for direct access to the flame (includes tool for removing tops)
  • 2 ceramic combustion chambers with refractory metal lining
  • Two internal grates to hold both wood and charcoal
  • 2 reinforced metal doors on each combustion chamber
  • 2 Stick supports
  • Sheet metal body with PLASTCOAT paint in Black (red available)
  • Wood drying compartment


(Turkish womens group (London) enjoying traditional food with a La Plancha)

Additional Information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 510 x 720 x 480 cm


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