‘Frying Tonight’ – With an EcoZoom Versa

After many year’s using an Ecozoom Versa I’ve mastered the art of deep frying. I would never do this indoors – in a kitchen. The smell lingers, giving your home a ‘fish and chip shop’ atmosphere. Not so with a Zoom stove – frying in the open air allows smoke and cooking smells to disperse.

imageimageFrying stuff like chips, samosas and chicken goujons needs very hot oil at 179-191 centigrade.

Thats easy lifting for a Zoom stove with a controlled wood or charcoal fire.  The trick is to quickly seal the food behind a crispy surface so it cooks from the outside.

Here’s the recommended accessories to pass your Ecozoom ‘Fry-Meister’ diploma.
Kitchen roll – for clean-up
A temperature wand – for best results
A slotted spoon – for lifting out.
Oven gloves – the pan gets hot.
A stable pan, with a lid for controlling heat
An Ecozoom Power Ring – for more power, and wind shielding.
Extra fuel – so you don’t need to fetch more.

Please remember that seriously hot oil is a hazard. Approach everything with care. You alone are responsible for safety when cooking – the fry-meister should ensure hungry kids, pets and tipsy adults are kept well clear. Never leave a fire unattended. The footprint of a Zoom stove is wide , it’s weight is evenly distributed. Its solid but make sure the floor surface is level.  If you’ve never deep fried before, get somebody to show you the basics.

image   image

The oil will take a while to heat and can easily over-heat – good fire control is required. I often use charcoal fuel for deep frying, it needs less attention than a wood fire.  When you put in the food, oil temperatures will reduce. Place in gently and watch out for spitting fat.

Zoom stoves are used in Africa daily for frying, they’re far safer than flimsy kerosene stoves – reducing the risk of  shack fires, along with the other more positive impacts of a zoom stove such as fuel efficiency and low smoke.

Once you’ve cracked ecozoom frying, the delights of take away food are all yours – home or away – you will be popular with kids and adults alike, just add ketchup and mayonnaise.

Happy cooking (and remember to swim ten miles and climb a few mountains to work it all off!)

Author: Stewart MacLachlan – EcoZoom UK

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