Low impact Solar Cooking at the Green Gathering 2017

Visit our showcase of solar and low impact cooking at the Green Gathering, Chepstow, UK 3-6th August 2017

SLiCK promotes seriously low impact cooking based on solar energy and wood fuels. Established by enthusiasts, we provide information about solar process cooking in the UK. We can reveal that solar cooking is possible all year round – if the suns shining , you’re cooking.  Kitchen tasks can be accomplished using only sunlight -the cleanest cooking possible.
If weather or time of day don’t allow solar cooking we can continue using zero fossil fuel with our rocket cookstoves. These burn wood or charcoal efficiently, using the smoke (wood gas) which otherwise escapes. A cleaner, efficient burn is possible compared to a regular fire.
Three billon people use wood to cook -causing ill health in the home and deforestation as trees get rapidly cut. Solar and fuel efficient cooking options are not widely adopted or known, especially solar cooking.
Learn about solar cooking to help spread the word about human scale solar alternatives in the developing world. Learn how reduce your own electricity and gas use. Add a solar cooker or rocket stove to your BBQ and outdoor cooking kit.
Visit our stand at the Green Gathering 2017 to see how you can get involved. We will be showing all variants of solar cooker during the day. Workshops (e.g. ‘how to cook an egg using pure sunlight ‘) using simple materials will be available on a first come first served basis. Also on show will be our EcoZoom rocket stove collection providing hot drinks from a few sticks. Join us as we self cater at this event using zero fossil fuel.
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The 2017 World Fireless Cooker Beauty Contest will be hosted again by SLiCK at the Green Gathering this year, with entries from around the globe. Fireless cookers use insulation to cook food heated elsewhere, saving 50% of the cooking energy. Fireless Cookers can have a seriously low impact on the planet.
2017 plans include the ‘Great British Solar Bake Off’ and we will attempt to record the most UK solar cookers operating together, for a great photo op.
See you there!
The SLiCK Team

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